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Ao Ling RN9300-1 new high-speed stretch sewing series

Ao Ling RN9300-1 high-speed stretch sewing or special sewing machine, the sewing stitch for chain stitch. The stitch in knitting garment rolled collar, piping, hem, stretch sewing, seam and trim etc.. Styles change in recent years, clothing, and use the sewing machine is also often used to stitch decorative stitches, and stretch stitch sewing machine sewing style changes there are many, such as the three needle four thread stitch (407 stitch) can change for the two pin three line stitch (line No. 406 trace), Ka Uji needle three thread stitch into two four lines stretch sewing needle five lines or three stitch (602 stitch or 605 stitch), in order to better understand and use of sewing machine,

The following from the flat seaming and transport power, the machine design, stitch change and so on, will give full play to stretch sewing machine use.

One.  a power delivery system, flat seaming machine


Because the stretch sewing machine for sewing knitted fabrics, so is the use of the two groups before and after the feeding tooth transmission power to transport material, the transmission power is two groups of feeding teeth are relatively independent. The two groups before and after feeding tooth adjustment action synchronous transmission, fast, slow respectively. When sewing a knitted fabric strong elasticity and two thin knitting fabric, can adjust the feed dog feeding speed ratio differential feed speed, or feed dog feeding speed ratio differential feeding speed, feeding speed to adjust feeding teeth and differential, can make the sewing cloth to reduce elongation and shrinkage deformation, so beautiful.

Two, the type of design

Sewing machine head design is more high profile type device, in order to make use of matched with different sewing process, and round mouth around the arm type design head type, round mouth arm type, round the mouth into the arm type. The type of stitch machine head applicable plane cutting to sewing long seam stitch; round mouth around the arm type is designed for sewing cuffs binding or folded edge sewing; round mouth arm type is used in seam sewing cylindrical parts, such as the sleeve bottom side seam, side seam pants sewing; round the mouth into the arm type is designed for sewing underwear at the end of the file to make the seam; sewing different shape design and high head can be prepared with oblique type. Some in the sewing machine head right design have a stitch Annex (aid stitching) installation position. As for process piping, the seam allowance accessories can continue in the needle plate on the right with the seam allowance.

Three, tension and the application in the production process of sewing machine

(a) for hemming sewing

The bundles of the burr package car cut pieces of the seam, if light. The seam on the material layer is too much, too thick, if fitted cut clothes may be uncomfortable, but if the application of stretch sewing machine sewing 602 (two needle four thread stitch) or 605 (three needle five thread sewing stitch the edges), bundles of sewing, then the seam of material layer by layer number five to three layer, also can use 406 (two needle three thread stitch) or 407 (three needle four thread sewing stitch () the flat seaming machine surface covered with decorative line can be removed by the 602 line into 406 stitch), see figure. In the flat seaming machine is installed on the binding with sewing operation auxiliary device, which can reduce the thickness of the seam thickness can improve operation efficiency.

(two) the sewing and sewing

Knitted garments in the overlock stitch suture, because the seam seam protruding not obedient, then you can use tacking stitch seam covered plain clothes. The seam close convex, but this procedure operation with special needle plate and the pressure foot with a fixed slot make the operation more easy to control.

(three): lace sewing process

The tacking stitch two pin or three pin between the width, and reticular suture can be covered with lace band direct barge joint seam on the cut pieces. Without the edge folding pieces into the in order to prevent fraying, thus reducing the seam thickness, wearing more comfortable, such as women's knitted underwear in the sewing method.

(four) hem stitch process

In order to make the edge seam thickness thinning, garment edge is often use overlock stitch overlock stitch after single fold or dark treatment such as blinding, skirt, trousers, cuffs, it can reduce the bending position double hem stitch and often twisted edge phenomenon, but this processing method to the sewing stitch after two steps, if the style of clothing can be used 406 (two needle three thread interlock stitch, the garment) single hem stitch. The two processes into one process, improve production efficiency.

(five) the elastic fabric sewing

The tacking stitch telescoping is particularly strong, so it is especially applicable to knitted fabric or other elastic fabric sewing, such as knitted t-shirt,

Underwear using flat seaming machine. In addition, tacking stitch in the above covered with reticular decorative line, it has a certain decorative, knitting / sweater shows pocket operated by the tacking stitch sewing, which can reduce the folded edge thickness, and the operation is easy, without folding ironing Ming patch pocket edge seams and directly to the patch pocket pieces sewn, can save operation procedure and time.

Through the above technological use analysis can be seen stretching use sewing machine is very wide, such as the effective use of its performance, choose the suitable type of head to apply, where appropriate with suitable sewing aid, can play a better and efficient characteristics of sewing machine.

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