product name:The mattress sewing machine spec:RN8B-V



Product introduction:

This machine is mainly used for mattress sewing, completed between the mattress fabrics and wall cloth edge sewing work, is also applicable to other mattresses, blankets, sofa cushion, bag sewing. The automatic lifting height, to adapt to all kinds of sewing. The walking box and the head is driven by the clutch motor, angular deceleration easy control, machine head adopts sliding lever thread take-up, vertical rotary hook line, a double thread lockstitch. The upper and lower shaft with synchronous tooth belt; lever type needle type stitch regulator. The lower feed, needle feed and alternating presser foot feed, as well as the pressure foot pressure foot lift space travel, and larger stitch length, with the push and pull type stainless steel professional edge clamp; can easily deal with difficult to transport materials and multilayer thick leather. And install clutch type safety device; the machine damage in case of load, the sewing operation more stable and convenient. Push plate height adjustable, human performance is more reasonable.

Main technical parameters:

Motor power:220V 550W

The working angle:30 ° -58 °

Mattress thickness sewing range:50-500mm

Table lifting range:380mm (adjustable)

Table size: 1300 x 1930mm

               1550 x 2050mm

               1800 x 2250mm (optional)

The rotational speed (RPM): 1100-3000

maximum sewing speed: 2000 needle / min.

maximum stitch: 8.0mm

The use of needle: DP * 17

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