product name:Shoes machine spec:RN-810


Product use andhighlights:

For boots, sports shoes, work shoes, leisure shoes, sponge shoes, baby shoes, high grade leather shoes.

Sewing 1, small parts and special material sewing up curve, this machine can make you superior technic play the high head vehicle.

2, the standard type rotary hook and a sliding scale, to make the sewing line increasingly smoothly and easily with beautiful.

3, the simple number plate and rotary stitch regulator, to the poor and lower-middle peasants stitch size is more easy to control. Back - stitch is only required to back - stitch plate.

4, the New Gilded needle seat, plus a fixed seat, in the sewing is stable, reduce the broken needle and wire, and sewing is tidy and beautiful line.

5, preparing the round wheel and presser foot two.

Technical parameters of the product:

Maximum sewing speed: 3000 needle / min.

Maximum stitch: 5.00mm

Needle: DP * 5

Product image display:





   People need maintenance, machine needs to be lubricated. By construction machinery lubrication oil analysis OREN from Japan, just a little, can make the machine runs at a high speed of 5000 rpm, dry grinding more than four hours. It has good lubricity and stability. The product is made using the non-ionic surface active agent a variety of natural plant extract, so in the high temperature resistant and anti rust oil There is nothing comparable to this is absolute, in addition; we also focus on the machine long time drop surface oil clean and tidy, not leak and the appearance of corrosion yellowing, off phenomenon, so that more environmental protection, health. Especially the special requirements for special equipment of external dropping. Parts of high-speed operation in the process of using, physical properties of heat caused by friction, part machine component can produce operation is not smooth or blocked, affecting the normal operation of equipment, therefore, this product uses non active lubricant of natural plant extracts, in order to move system static, variable heat as power, inhibit the friction coefficient, so the operation do not shun or death card machine component instantly returned to normal. To eliminate the heat physical properties of parts of high speed operation with the noise problem.

  This product is made of natural plant extraction and into, is colorless transparent liquid, no smell, no harm to human body, the skin, the use of more environmentally friendly, healthy, longer life. High lubrication and maintenance is suitable for high-end machinery electronic driver, CNC machine tools, precision gear box.

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